Paxxon Technology

X²nology is the core technology concept in accordance with Paxxon’s research, development and production process for all products. The ‘X²’ stands for ‘the future technology’ in a higher vision and for ‘axles’ in concrete meaning to emphasize the unique dynamic balance technology for axles and vehicle stable running.

From design to production and application, every product of Paxxon is based on the concept of X²nology and focus on offering every user the safety and efficiency of driving experience through performance, stability and safety.

3 Functions of X²nology
  • Driving experience
    Rubber tire is the only part of vehicle to contact the road. An efficient and stable driving experience is always the highest prioritized topic for X²nology. Drivers and passengers can feel the technology on the road.
  • Tire performance
    X²nology assure maximum reliability under variety or extreme environmental conditions with improved durability to best handling. The unique compound and fixable quality allows the users to trust the tire and vehicle in any situation.
  • Safety and environment
    Safety is the topic that Paxxon always takes into full consideration. Reducing carbon emissions by increasing fuel efficiency on compound improvement. Stable quality is also the guarantee for safety and recycling.