Paxxon Tires Shine at The Tire Cologne: New Models Drive Interest and Customer Partnerships

The Tire Cologne, held every other year, wrapped up successfully on June 6th. At the show, the PAXXON team met with over 200 customers, both new and familiar faces, as well as industry professionals.


The new products showcased by PAXXON were a huge hit, particularly the PAR28 pattern 385/65R222.5 164K and 385/55R222.5 164K tires. These tires caught everyone's eye with their sleek design, featuring a smooth rubber texture, perfectly sculpted outlines, and a striking three-part sidewall design that highlights the brand and makes the tire information easy to read. The overall look really exudes a high-tech feel.


The 385/65R222.5 PAR28 164K was launched last September and has already received rave reviews from logistics users who have put it to the test. Orders from European customers are steadily increasing, proving the strong demand for heavy-duty tires. The 385/55R222.5 PAR28 164K is another new addition to the lineup, and it's generating a lot of buzz because it's a unique model in the market. Customers from Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania, and other countries have expressed significant interest. Even those who couldn't make it to the show have reached out after seeing photos, eager to explore potential partnerships.


One Ukrainian customer was particularly impressed by the entire Paxxon product line. She visited the booth three days in a row to learn more about the tires and their features, and she was so happy with what she saw that she placed a trail order right away.


Our longstanding Dutch customers also stopped by the booth on June 5th. We were thrilled to welcome them back and had a productive discussion about future collaborations. This customer used to use more expensive tires, but they've been incredibly satisfied with the performance and mileage data they've seen from Paxxon tires. They're also interested in trying out the 385/55R22.5 PAR28 164K for their heavy-duty needs.


The success of the show is a direct result of PAXXON's commitment to creating products that meet the demands of the market. Every aspect of the tire, from data analysis and design to the precision molds, from premium materials to robust manufacturing process, is meticulously controlled to ensure the highest quality.


The Paxxon team is fully dedicated to delivering exceptional products to our customers. We're always working on new product and material developments to ensure continued satisfaction and build a strong brand reputation. We're excited to see what the future holds for PAXXON as we continue to focus on growth and innovation.